ShimMaster Shim Grinder

Australian designed and made Shim Grinder. Offers many benefits over cheaper imported models.


  • Dual block linear bearings to wheelhead mast
  • Very smooth grinding action through radial wheelhead path
  • Powerful fine-pole magnetic chuck firmly holds even the smallest shims
  • 125mm (5") grinding wheel offers superior life over 3 & 4" machines
  • 5" wheel produces faster, cleaner stock removal and reduces dressing requirements
  • Graduated feed dial in 0.0004" increments
  • Coolant re-circulation system
  • Rigid and durable heavy duty construction
  • Runs on 240V mains power, no need for either a transformer or 3-phase power
  • Australian made


Part Number

ShimMaster Shim Grinder


5" Norton Grinding Wheel