M2 Valve Seat Inserts

PEP M2 inserts, commonly refered to as 'A' inserts, are individually cast from a specially formulated Tungsten Carbide alloy for maximum strength with minimum distortion.

They resist severe pounding and dissipate heat better than hi-chrome and other tungsten based inserts.

M2 valve seats are softened to a hardness of R/c 42 for ease of machining and leaving stones and cutters freer of build-u, giving faster, cleaner machining with existing toolling.

The M2 material has a similar expansion rate to cast iron to assure a correct fit. Providing correct machining is carried out on the insert pocket, the seat will not loosen even at temperatures reached in current engine designs. PEP M2 seats operate successfully even in the 1400°F to 1500°F range, a higher operating range than most competitor seats, they give a greater safety margin in today's hotter running engines.

The special tungsten carbide alloy work-hardens during the first few kilometres. Final hardness achieved is R/c 50, the initial 'softness' also allowing the valves to correctly bed the seats.

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