Newen is a world leader in high precision machines, tools and supplies for the repair of cylinder heads. Newen has obtained this reputation through great effort in designing, manufacturing and supplying superior products to engine rebuilding professionals around the world. They strive to maintain their place at the forefront by constantly refining, adapting and improving their products and the technology used to produce them

Over the years Newen has developed a number of highly specialised products, and they’re not all just for machining Valve Seats.

Newen Carbide Form Tips

Individually CNC machined to ensure accuracy and consistancy, every time. Made from the finest quality carbide, specially treated to make the cutting edges as strong as possible. A special concave shape on the profile edge allows more resharpens per tip thanks to less material removal necessary to reacquire a sharp cutting edge.

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Carbide Pilots

Newen carbide pilots are made from high quality tungsten carbide. A correctly sized carbide pilot offers the best rigidity for valve seat machining, particularly at smaller sizes. Standard .375" shank suits most popular seat and guide mahines.

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Fixed Cutters

Specifically designed for valve seat counter boring Newen fixed cutters feature replaceable, indexable cutting tips. The replaceable, coated tips offer superior cutting to standard braised on style cutters as well as offering a far superior method of maintaining cutting quality when wear and damage take their toll, simply requiring a quick change over of tips.

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Newen Tooling for Seat & Guide Machines

Newen Seat and Guide Machine tooling is made from the highest quality materials to exacting standards. Newen tooling is compatible with a large number of seat & guide machines.

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