Precision Engine Parts (PEP) are recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of engine components in the USA today. For over fifty years they have supplied the automotive and aerospace industries with superior quality products, made to exact standards with aviation level quality control. Pioneering the use of super-alloy materials in these fields PEP has won many awards for their innovation and quality standards over the years. PEP’s high quality products are highly sought after for automotive, performance, industrial and aviation engines.

Hi-Chrome Valve Seats

PEP Hi-Chrome inserts, commonly referred to as 'B' inserts, are individually cast from a quality hi-chrome alloy. They offer a high quality, economical seat that works with leaded and unleaded fuels in most applications.

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M2 Valve Seat Inserts

PEP M2 inserts, commonly refered to as 'A' inserts, are individually cast from a specially formulated Tungsten Carbide alloy for maximum strength with minimum distortion.

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Nitrile Valve Stem Seals

Black rubber bodied seal with a white teflon sealing element.

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