Manual Valve Spring Press

The VFP50 head bench is the ultimate example of Trego's ingenuity used to create a simple, innovative and practical device for an otherwise challenging process. It makes installing and removing valve springs, collets and retainers amazingly fast even in small, hard to reach places.

The VFP50's self supporting design means you don't need to clamp cylinder heads into the press. Multi-axis adjustment allows you to handle virtually any configuration and size of cylinder head. Supplied with time-saving tools for the highest effeciency.


  • Head rail width - 0 - 490mm
  • Head rail incline - 0 - 45° (forward only)
  • C-Frame movement - x = 490mm - y = 84mm - z = 165mm
  • C-Frame incline - 0 - 30° (either side)
  • Overall dimensions - 670 x 560 x 880mm (assembled)


  • 23mm & 28mm Pressure feet
  • 5mm, 6mm, 7mm & 8mm Valve keeper tools
  • Valve keeper magnet
  • 2x Press arm lock collars


  • 18mm Pressure foot
  • 35mm Pressure foot


Part Number

Manual Valve Spring Press